Quick Shifter for Suzuki GS1150 (85) We looked at the Dynojet, HM, Bazzaz and Healtech quick shifters. Our initial concern was putting a piston device on the gearshift linkage on a older bike. While the price range varied between $400-$1000 we opted to test the Healtech which we felt might be closer to everyone’s price range. The Healtech QS QuickShifter is priced under $400. First Look: There are two unique things about the Healtech, one that it has advanced electronics and two, there is no piston type mechanical shifter required for the gearshift. But there is a ring device that goes on the shifter mechanism that transmits movement of the shift arm to the electronics. Installation: The instructions are excellent and the install was fairly simple. It just required some basic understanding of general electronics and that supplied wiring would be needed to run from the shifter to the iQSE central unit and then onto the coils, so yes there is some wiring that is required to get there, not quite so plug’n play, but not overly difficult either. Shift Gears Without Clutch Throttle Wide Open First Short Outing: Worked pretty good and was openly impressed. Second Larger Outing: Many issues with missing shifts and cutting out randomly while accelerating. This was upsetting but we were using the default setup, so opened an Android phone, downloaded the Healtech App and synced with Bluetooth with the Healtech box on the bike. We could see revs and noted there were are “large number of options” to fine tune. The HELP menu is excellent! The software is excellent! So we had no problem quickly adjusting 3 components, noise filtering, sensor threshold and cut- off delay, which made dramatic improvements. Result: There was some concern putting a quick shifter on an older bike that certainly vibrates more than something newer. However we finally got it running 99% perfect. And everyone working on this were enormously happy with the exhilaration in accelerating hard and open throttle shifting...much faster, much fun! https://youtu.be/oKg6H3FwLWA https://youtu.be/lnQTcwRDVN4 https://youtu.be/zbLcsn76Zpg https://youtu.be/WW8XRRU4Z0c hardrider.net