he thing is security costs money. Its not a 100% guarantee but it gives your bike a fighting chance. Motorcycles aren’t just a monetary investment, they’re something that transcends being a mere machine. Some would even argue that their bike has a soul and a personality all it’s own. And as such, you want to protect your baby with the very best, right? With any alarm, there’s a huge cross- section of prices and lists of features as long as your arm, so let’s look at some of the options. The most popular bikes for thievery are sports bikes and those bikes which you see around more commonly. The biggest deterrent is a secure motorcycle. Reason being there are lot of insecure ones out there and they will be the first stolen every time. Remember that a thief doesn’t want to be caught. Being caught is the biggest hazard in their line of business. Business is how most of them see it. Make your bike more risky than other bikes and they’ll go for easier pickings. Ultimately your goal should be making getting caught in the act as likely as possible and the maximise the time it would take to steal the bike. The more trouble the thief has to go to the longer its going to take. The vast majority of thieves go for the low hanging fruit. How much does a thief earn per bike? According to police, it varies depending on year/make/model/ condition. About $3500 for near new 1000cc supersports crated and titled. $1,000-1,500 is more typical for super sports. Harleys vary quite a bit depending on model and options, from $1,000 for a basic late model sportster to several thousand for a highly optioned fat boy, road king etc. That’s what the thief gets...according to police. There is this common misconception that thieves load bikes into trucks and vans. The people who get caught these days load bikes into trucks and vans. And many thieves get caught because of GPS tracking systems that owners now know are one of the biggest and most successful ways of following and/or finding their motorcycle. The majority of thieves aren’t always that smart and half of those are on drugs, please don’t be dumber than they are. Be secure and the greater concern